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Top programs for aspiring software developers in Uganda

Software development is one of the most lucrative careers in the 21st century and a quick Google search will show you how much the top senior developers around the world earn and that alone is inspiring a lot of people to join the journey.

The good thing with software development is; it’s one of those disciplines anyone can learn at almost any stage on their life as long as they are willing to put in the work and carry a growth mindset regardless of their background.

For most of us in the computer science industry, writing code, taking an idea in our head and turning them into software instructions that run on a computers/machines is deeply a creative act and many people are striving to perfect their craft doing this.

There are many ways you can achieve the status of a software developer from being self-taught and watching YT videos to following stories on different online developers communities but, here is a list of companies offering tailor-made programs for people looking to get into programming or looking to sharpen their skill sets across the country as we did for women in tech.

Outbox EDU Cohorts

Outbox is one of the incubations hubs in the country trying to give support to aspiring techies by offering collaborative space for them. They are located at Lumumba Avenue at Soliz house and their EDU Cohorts program is in its third chapter seeking to equip young people with industry-relevant digital skills through accelerated learning.

The Prep program is for those seeking to learn the fundamentals of software programming and for more established developers looking to sharpen their base of front-end skills. It is also suitable for those that would like to spend their internship learning how to code.

At the end of the course, you will be supported to enroll for Outbox EDU Core, a 15-week fulltime program to further perfect your skills. Applications for the third cohort is still open and you can follow instructions from the tweet on how to apply.

Accelerate Learning Certificate in software development at Clarke International Uganda

This is one of the programs by Lift256 Tech Academy in collaboration with Clarke International University, Laboremus Uganda and Fontes Foundation. The partnership is supported by Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and Microsoft App Factory Program which makes it ideal for most software developers to apply for in terms of affordability and content offered.

The ALC program is an initiative aimed at equipping Ugandan graduates with world-class skills in software development. Running in a rigorous boot camp format, the program is delivered over a period of 12 Weeks broken down into two phases of 3 month training and intense boot camp for 6 months offering both technical and non-technical skills.

The program has been designed to offer four cohorts yearly and applications for the second cohort in June is already open and you can follow instructions from this tweet below.

The Andela Learning Community

The Andela Learning Community is a network of people technologists and tech enthusiasts across Africa dedicated to learning how to use technology to solve humanity’s problems. The ALC facilitates your learning through the aid of guided mentorship from super awesome learning community ambassadors.

This ALC program is supported by Google and online learning platform Pluralsight which will provide you with access to skill development tracks materials i.e. Mobile web, Android and Google cloud contents. Applications for the 4th cohort is already closed but you can follow Andela Uganda on their social media pages for further communications regarding the program.

Important dates for those who have applied and currently watching the online tutorials.

  • Learner Selection phase – 15th April – 15th May
  • Learning Phase 1 – 22nd May – 19th July
  • Learning Phase 2 -29th July – 29th November
  • Program Completion – 29th November

Fundi Bots Uganda

Fundi Bots is a Ugandan organization working with schools and communities to provide hands-on, practical STEM / general science education in classrooms and communities by providing  training and resources that are modern and relevant to the students inside or outside standard academic institution

They are famous for making robots but they also offer tailored learning programs for kids between 6 and 18 years old through their Fundi Bots Academy mostly during holidays to give the kids a solid background in STEM and learning. You can check their website for further programs they offer across the country.

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