An estimated 81% of people research a business or service online prior to making a purchase decision. If you don’t have a website, you have no chance at capturing a share of this market. Being an Internet service provider, it was very essential for Cloud Core to have an online presence since their target audience is basically the online community. The Cloud Core web design and development project was something a little different for FreelyFormd. The client had the vision, and the content, to launch “a gold mine of unbeatable internet speeds and packages for starting, running and growing any business today”. They needed our team to build its look. The new Cloud Core site would be a resource for business owners to work at the comfort of speeds and connectivity needed to grow their companies. Content strategy was the driving force behind the site structure. Our goal was to create an engaging user experience that helps visitors discover and move seamlessly between related content, driving toward conversions.


Name: Cloud Core Systems

Industry: ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Services: Internet subscriptions, Data plans

Website: www.cloudcoresystems.com

Challenge & Solutions

First of all, we needed to know what problems the client had and what they needed through the website. During the first meeting, we found three reasons why the client wanted to change their website. And then we gave him solutions for each.

  1. Too complicated → Consistent design guideline; The client had a challenge of the complexity of the services they were offering and the ideas for UI they had in mind. From the rough sketches, we noticed, there were 10 categories in the navigation bar. Also, each category (page) had different design styles such as typography, colour, a layout, and those provided an inconsistent user experience. So, we decided to reduce the number of categories and create new design styles which provide a consistent user experience.
  2. Not friendly to all devices → Responsive website; Their previous website had only one layout for all different browser sizes. It was not friendly at all to all devices; too small on the 32-inch monitor and hard to click buttons on the mobile devices. We recommended the client to opt for a responsive website to fit the layout in all devices.
  3. Updating content problem → WordPress CMS; The client also needed to have a place where they can blog and share ideas on internet plans, new services and updates from the company. So we suggested to them WordPress CMS (Content management system) that allows a client to manage the creation and modification of content.


The finished website is a personal, engaging platform for the internet service provider to showcase their various services and expertise. The WordPress CMS makes it easy to deliver a steady stream of service categories and key details, including gated content for lead generation. The blog area provides a searchable content bucket for current and future business vlogs. Cloud Core Systems had fun brand assets ready to incorporate in the new design. The bright, fun colours and and happy imagery evoke the relaxed, one-on-one vibe of this internet brand and business style. The site design feels modern, vivid, and refreshing, and is unified around their story.