The cleaning business is growing at a rapid pace these days. A lot of enterprises are cropping up in this genre in various nations, which offer quality and reliable cleaning services to the customers. Tegeka Home Cleaning service is a commercial specialist in Kampala, which offers reliable cleaning services to its customers.

Customer satisfaction is their main goal. Home cleaning, laundry cleaning, industrial cleaning and retail cleaning are the various services offered by Tegeka. However, to prosper in the field, the founder believes it is highly crucial that the cleaning business has its own mobile app.


Name: Tegeka Home Services

Industry: Cleaning

Services: Home Services, Laundry, Cleaning Services

Website: www.tegeka.co


The Founder of Tegeka Home cleaning services wanted to be more creative to move away from traditional bookings to instant bookings in the cleaning business. After facing the difficulty to find cleaners and get them to arrive on time, he discussed the more possibilities of an app that connects customers and cleaners on a few taps. And with the Tegeka app, there is a cleaner at your door in moments.

He emphasised that the need for his team to be able to communicate swiftly with an order placed on the spot and therefore needed a fast response system to work along with the app itself.


Our team at Freelyformd quickly brainstormed a list of possible features that we wanted to incorporate into the app and prioritized based on the criteria of each item.

The team then went ahead to create a prototype with 16 screens to simulate the experience of selecting cleaning services and cleaners, reading cleaners’ profiles and reviews, and ordering the service. The app evidently helps you to easily choose reliable and hi-quality cleaners based on their review stars, profiles, and review posted by other users. On the homepage, users can choose from several kinds of cleaning services.

Then to cater for the pressing need of instant communication, the development team integrated slack to manage orders in realtime, receive notifications by operations team about; unattended orders, bad reviews and Order cancellations. The system also works hand in hand with SMS sent to service providers and push notifications sent to mobile phones.


After the rollout was successfully done, months later the founder listed a couple of benefits ever since we submitted the application; Slack integration within Tegeka app helps in easy interaction with the customers, the business is visible to the customers 24X7, it provides all information right out there, it brings in customer loyalty, enhances productivity and provides an edge to the competitors.