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Gadgets and Tech To Help Your Business Trip Be Successful

Going on a business trip is a lot better than it used to be, and technology plays a major part in having improved the experience. There are many gadgets and tech breakthroughs available to boost the success of ...

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4 Steps to Selecting the Perfect IT Team

To build high-quality software products, you need a strong team of technology professionals. Unfortunately, with the tech talent shortage, this is easier said than done.  For startups, this can be ...

How to Build Your App Nearshore and Reduce Time to Market
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How to Build Your App Nearshore and Reduce Time to Market

Outsourcing technology functions and operations are now a critical part of digitally transformed industries. It’s essentially a cost-effective approach that helps companies bridge the talent gap. The so...

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What are the best practices for software development lifecycle

By definition, software development lifecycle (SDLC) is a systematic, iterative and structured way of developing applications. The steps involved in the SDLC include research, planning analysis, design, buildin...

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Mastercard or Visa in Uganda, what’s the difference?

When you open up a bank account nowadays, the bankers will push you to also get an ATM debit card so as to make transactions at any time of the day. Most banks in Uganda currently issue VISA cards instead of Ma...

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Top 5 secure cloud storage apps in 2019

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is so obsessed with music and was concerned that if his Laptop crashed someday,  he would really miss his collection of music. However, what I didn’t know he was way...

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Startups in Uganda that raised over $1 million in 2019

In recent years, the startup ecosystem emerged as a new and important discipline due to the rapid advancement in technology. It can be viewed as an amalgamation of classical disciplines like lending assets and ...


RCS, the successor to SMS messaging: All you need to know

SMS messaging has been around since the times of 2G networks and with the advent of Over the Top services (OTT) that utilize swift communication over the internet we got bored with SMS. But is RCS the future? S...

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Top programs for aspiring software developers in Uganda

Software development is one of the most lucrative careers in the 21st century and a quick Google search will show you how much the top senior developers around the world earn and that alone is inspiring a lot o...

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Jobs for Android developers are fast increasing than iOS

If you hang around software engineers long enough you will notice a pattern that there are few mobile developers compared to web devs and this is a situation that is way too broad and hard to digest in this art...