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Upgrade Your Technical IT Skills From Home

With more and more companies switching to fully remote working, it may now be a good time to develop your technical IT skills from home.

Learning new skills when you have time at home can have many advantages. New qualifications might be especially useful if you’re looking for a different role in the future. If you’re in a non-technical role, they may also help you interact with technical teams more smoothly and efficiently. You could even plan a change in career with your newly acquired knowledge.

So, how do you upgrade your knowledge and find new technical skills to learn from home?

Here are some resources that could help.

Online Resources For Learning Technical Skills


PluralSight is an online learning platform that helps you assess your skills and plan your learning objectives according to your skill gaps. It offers a number of courses in software development, IT ops, data professional, information and cyber security, and much more. All designed to help you upgrade your technical skills through a subscription-based plan.


Udemy claims to offer over 100,000 online courses, a number of which are technical skills you might want to learn. Unlike most other learning platforms, Udemy offers an ‘à la carte’ approach to learning, where you pay for the course you want, instead of a monthly or annual subscription. Additionally, all courses are video-based and led by industry experts.


Udacity is an e-learning platform that offers part-time, self-paced learning on a variety of subjects in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning and more. Their curriculum is designed together with industry partners, so the course content is relevant to the demands of the market.

LinkedIn Learning

Most people are familiar with LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals. The platform also offers online courses for software development and technical IT skills you can learn at your own pace through LinkedIn Learning. Originally Lynda.com, LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of professional skill development courses, all of which you can access with a monthly subscription.


While Codecademy does offer advanced courses for a paid subscription, you can learn the basics of coding simply by creating a free account and getting access to interactive lessons and practice sessions. If you’re looking for technical skills to learn from home, this can be a good way to start. Of course, if want to continue on to more advanced software development skills, you can decide whether you want to pay for it or not.


Codegym is an online Java learning platform that offers interactive tasks that increase in complexity. You can subscribe for free for a limited access, whilst paid plans give you more features and resources.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is ideal for beginners who want to learn technical programming skills from the basics. Another advantage this platform offers is that it’s not for profit, so you can access courses for free, although they do encourage you to donate whatever amount you want.


If you’re thinking of learning new technical IT skills from home, or brushing up on skills you already have, there are plenty of resources available. Finding the right one is just a matter of deciding what and how you wish to learn.

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